Broncos Beat Panthers – Cam Doesn’t Take It Well

The Denver Broncos did what many didn’t think they would do – win Super Bowl 50. We discuss.

We’ll dive into Cam Newton’s presser and give our thoughts on how he handled the situation.

We’ll also revisit the Thunder vs. Warriors game from this past Saturday.


Trade Talk 2 + Three Teams That Should Tank Now! – Off Tha Bench

Q and Ryan play around with the NBA Trade Machine again giving you all trades that a teams need to make to improve their roster.

Ryan talks briefly about the DeMarcus Cousins/Kevin Love trade rumors.

Finally, they give you three teams that should start tanking now!

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Ep 2: #BlattLivesMatter Pt. 1 – Off Tha Bench

Q and Ryan react to the Cleveland Cavaliers firing of David Blatt. They discuss whether the firing was justified or not, dive deep into the Cavs roster and decide whether or not Blatt ever had a chance to succeed in Cleveland.

Are Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving superstars?

Should the Cavs trade Kevin Love?

Take a listen as Q and Ryan give you their breakdown on the Cleveland Cavaliers situation.

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Dead End Sports Reacts to Cavs Firing David Blatt

After Monday’s destruction at the hands of the Warriors, the Dead End Sports crew questioned David Blatt’s future with Ken going as far as saying that Blatt has to go. Today, the Cavs fired David Blatt. Blatt is 30-11 this year as head coach but three losses against the top two teams in the West didn’t help Blatt. Tyronne Lue has taken over as head coach.


The Land of No Trades – Off Tha Bench

In the debut episode of Off Tha Bench, Ryan and Q discuss the annoying lack of trade talks and activity, Ryan talks about why the Celtics causes him to throw shoes, and more.

  • 3:00 Trade talks
  • 19:00 Q calls out Feefo
  • 20:00 D Wade reborn/Is Spo a good coach?
  • 25:00 Ryan Anderson in Boston green
  • 30:00 Denver should trade Danilo Gallinari
  • 34:00 Q explains why Anthony Davis needed more coddling
  • 38:00 Bulls trade options
  • 39:30 Q explains why Pau Gasol should come off the bench if traded to the Mavericks
  • 47:00 Q and Ryan discuss why fans should “Trust the Process” when it comes to their team

Please forgive the audio issues heard throughout the episode. We’re working on resolving this for you in future episodes.

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